Medical Paper Products

Our compact medical programme for your hygiene concept:
All products can be freely combined as well as individually and flexibly designed for bulk buyers.

You are sure to find the right product in our compact range. Whether it’s medical rolls, dental napkins, folded towels, cosmetic wipes or simply wipes for everyday use in hospitals, doctors‘ surgeries, care facilities, laboratories or beauty salons and washrooms, you and your customers are always well supplied with our top quality in a compact and freely combinable form.

Medical rolls

Lying pads, simple and economical handling thanks to perforated sheet sections also suitable as a seat pad.


Cleaning/hand wipes for gentle washing, care and lint-free wiping.

Folded towels

V-fold towels for quick and thorough hygienic hand drying, as well as gripping door handles.

Cosmetic tissues

Cosmetic tissues / handkerchiefs in the practical plastic-free pluck box. Can be used in a variety of ways, e.g. in the reception or lounge area.

Dental napkins

Practical patient protection or suitable as a simple wipe.

Incontinence competence

For a long time, our customers have also been asking for competent support in the sensitive area of incontinence. This year, we will expand our product range to include first-class and sustainable solutions for people with sensitive bladders or bladder weakness. Our experts have been working intensively on new concepts and would like to ensure in the future that you feel completely safe at all times in the area of incontinence products.

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