Napkins by Huchtemeier

Nothing comes closer to your customer than a napkin.
That’s why we invest a lot of advice and planning in your individual project.


Your business card in the food sector

No printed medium gets as close to its consumers as the napkin. Your design, logo or slogan receives maximum attention on your napkin and thus significantly increases the success of your company.

In addition to the existing corporate design of your restaurants or shops, use the attention-grabbing value of a napkin for promotional campaigns, company events or at trade fairs. The spectrum of napkin printing ranges from a discreet logo to a large-scale advertising message.

Napkins without print

We manufacture almost every known napkin shape as our own brand or neutrally for specialist wholesalers and retailers.

  • Napkin sizes
    15×15, 16,5×21, 17×17, 21×24, 24×24, 25×25, 30×30, 33×33, 40×40

  • Folding types
    Dispenser-fold, nova-fold, book-fold and head-fold, pocket-fold, interfold

  • Raw material options
    cellulose Tissue 1-3ply, Airlaid, white and colors, Recycling Tissue,  high white and natural brown

  • Sub Packaging for napkins
    Standardly 200 or 250 napkin per pack and individual packaging starting from 1 napkin per pack
    Plastic-free packing on request

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